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Stan & Chris would like to welcome you to our website
We are situated in the Lancashire countryside just north of Manchester and just 5mins from the M66 motorway.
We have been members or the British Ragdoll Cat Club since 1995 and are also members of the Traditional Ragdoll Cat Club.

As well as breeding our wonderful Ragdolls we have also run a local boarding cattery for over 15 Years.

 We have also worked with our local branch of the RSPCA both in boarding and re-homing

For lots more information of the lovely ragdoll cat and other breeds then visit the British Ragdoll Cat Club and also



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Barneys Obituary

Parlourpuss Barnaby passed away just a month before his 15th Birthday.

A more gentle, loving affectionate cat, well known amongst The British Ragdoll Cat Club members, and all who have his kittens and grand-kittens and beyond. Loved by all who met him. Fortunately he lives on in his offspring. Barney just loved to be with us, loved nothing better than to sit on our knee or follow us wherever we went.

He never showed any agression to either person or animal all his life.

Sadly missed.

Barney & daughter Ellie